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An illustration of a hand touching a screen that shows a gear, screwdriver and wrench in representation of remote support.

Remote Support

What is remote support?

Remote support is a service where a technician can connect to a computer from anywhere in order to assist, troubleshoot and resolve the customer's issue. Once connected, the technician could control the computer by clicking or inputting commands.

The primary benefit of using this type of service is that customers will not have to leave their office to get help with their computer. Service technicians can connect to the customers' computers using special software and communicate with them using a microphone, speakers or even a webcam.

This service is ideal for businesses which rely on their computers for work and cannot afford any downtime because of computer trouble. It allows employees to get back to doing what they need to do without taking time off to bring their computers in to be fixed. This means less down time for the company overall, which is ideal for business owners.

Remote support can also be beneficial for home users who do not like the idea of bringing their computers in to be repaired. Many times laptops and desktops are purchased by consumers, but they have no clue how to even start repairing them if something goes wrong with them. This service is cost-effective for customers because they only pay the labor costs involved in fixing their computers - if they are unable to fix it themselves after the technician provides them with the help they need, there is no additional fee for them.


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