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Bands of purple, grey and yellow ethernet cable running across a room in tightly packaged bundles.

Structured Network Cabling

What is structured network cabling?

Structured network cabling is a standardized approach to wiring networks that includes a number of key features. This type of cabling is important because it helps ensure that networks are reliable and scalable.

One of the benefits of structured network cabling is that it makes troubleshooting much easier. If there is a problem with one part of the network, it can be isolated and fixed without having to completely rebuild the entire system.

Another advantage of structured cabling is that it allows for easy expansion. If the network needs to be expanded, new cables can be added without having to disturb the existing infrastructure. This makes upgrading a network much simpler and less expensive.

Finally, structured cabling is more reliable than traditional cabling. Cables are less likely to fail due to environmental factors, and they are also easier to maintain. As a result, networks that use structured cabling tend to be more reliable and less prone to problems.


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