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A close up of coaxial cables with the layers revealed showing what is inside.

Coaxial Cable Testing

What is coaxial cable testing?

Coaxial cable testing is a method of using a special machine to test the cable's structural integrity without having to pull it out of the ground. Coaxial cables are used to carry telecommunication signals, such as television and radio. They can also be used in Ethernet networks for Internet access.

When a coaxial cable is tested, the machine first conducts tests on it to check for any broken wires. If there are not any broken wires, it will test for loose connections by sending out an electrical impulse that probes for resistors. If these two tests are both passed successfully, then the machine will continue to test the cable's insulation.

This is beneficial for these reasons:

  • It saves time because the coaxial cables do not have to be pulled out of the ground in order to test them.

  • It reduces costs because it eliminates the need to pull out all of the coaxial cables on a site just for testing purposes if they pass standard tests.

  • It prevents disruptions to telecommunication signals.

  • It reduces the number of people needed for testing because one machine can conduct all of the tests simultaneously.

Coaxial cable testing is beneficial because it saves time, reduces costs, and prevents disruption in telecommunication signals. This method will prevent potential accidents that could occur if there are faulty cables in the ground.


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