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Whole Home Mesh Wi Fi

Experience what whole home mesh Wi Fi is all about

In an era where remote work dominates the daytime and entertainment preferences extend into the late night hours, the significance of robust WiFi speed and coverage cannot be overstated. Enter the realm of whole home mesh WiFi systems – the ultimate solution to banish buffering, eliminate dead zones, and bid farewell to the frustrations of navigating between different routers and enduring sudden disconnects during crucial moments of your favorite movie. The evolution of WiFi has arrived.

Amidst many providers offering mesh router solutions, the power of choice lies firmly in your hands. Most modern wireless routers excel at blanketing the majority of rooms within an average-sized home with reliable coverage. However, achieving seamless WiFi across every nook and cranny necessitates additional measures for larger residences encompassing multiple stories, complex architectural layouts, obstructive building materials, or unconventional floor plans.

Though range extenders valiantly combat dead zones, they often do so at a fraction of the primary router's bandwidth. Conversely, access points boast higher bandwidth potential but require a wired Ethernet connection to the central router. Amidst this complexity, a savior emerges – the whole home mesh WiFi system.

At A & G Internet Services, we comprehend the maze of networking technologies and the bewildering array of choices confronting you. Promising options from Amazon, Google, UniFi, Netgear, Asus, TP-Link, and more all vie for simplicity and superiority, but do they truly deliver?

We are here to dispel the uncertainty with a comprehensive evaluation of your home's layout, the typical number of devices populating your network, your networking objectives, the integration of existing innovative home solutions, and a commitment to future-proof your network for the demands of tomorrow.

A brighter horizon awaits your online experiences within the comforts of your abode, devoid of the pitfalls that plague many existing systems. The marvel of whole home mesh WiFi empowers you, your family, or your business to engage in essential activities seamlessly, liberated from the constraints of outdated technology. Revel in the prowess of WiFi 6 that envelopes every inch of your dwelling, facilitating smooth transitions between rooms and levels – all while bidding adieu to buffers and forsaking dead zones.

Delve deeper into the world of these extraordinary mesh systems, or connect with us to arrange a complimentary consultation to install a mesh network in your home.


The future is now with
Whole Home Wi-Fi

Welcome to the future where thoughtful designs meet network technology. Simple IT that just works, allowing you to know more about your network than ever before in a true networking operating system.

Multi-site ready, capable of much more than traditional Wi-Fi

Seamless unified network management across regions with the ability to customize your IT operations within minutes. A true game changer in networking technology.


Ranch-Style Home

Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.


Multi-Story Home

Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.


Seamless unified network management across regions with the ability to customize your IT operations within minutes. A true game changer in networking technology.

L-Shaped Home

Describe the key features of the service and how users can benefit from it.


Whole home wifi covers every living situation

The challenges of the modern day home: brick & cement, floors & ceilings, walls & hallways, furniture & clutter - all a potential hazard to slow your current wifi signal. This is where mesh networks come into play, working together to effectively provide wifi across your whole home without any performance issues.

A top down look of a floor layout of a house's first floor, showing darker areas where the wi-fi signal is strong and lighter areas where signal is weaker.

First Floor

Max Coverage

A top down look of a floor layout of a house's second floor, showing darker areas where the wi-fi signal is strong and lighter areas where signal is weaker.

Second Floor

Lighter Coverage

Upgrade from traditional Wi-Fi to now Now Wi-Fi

Mesh WiFi is the perfect solution for homes, small businesses or large corporate offices that suffer from weak or incomplete wifi coverage, regardless of your internet provider. Mesh routers work by creating a mesh network that covers your whole house or office, and they typically offer faster speeds than range extenders because their signal can go through interior walls without losing strength like an old extender would do since it only has one unit broadcasting its own particular amount of data while also having limited distance reach according to site specifications (such as size).

A bar that ranges in color from dark to light blue, showing the wi-fi performance of the system.

Traditional WiFi

Mesh Wifi

Seamless transitions with one name, one password

No need to change which network you're on or deal with any interruptions as you change rooms or floors. With whole home mesh wifi, all you need is one wifi name and one password for your entire network. Enjoy the seamless continuity as you walk around your home and and stream what you're in the mood for without complications, all while your whole home mesh network automatically keeps you connected.

Check-in While Away

No need to use a machine that is physically connected to the network, when you can do it while away.

Remote Management

Control every facet of your whole home setup with an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate.

Content Filtering

Control what goes to what devices wit parental controls and many other options to manage how your connected devices function.

Seamless Connectivity

Move between rooms, floors or ends of your home without losing signal, having to change routers or waiting for buffering. Smooth, seamless connectivity.

Whole home mesh wifi FAQs

What is whole home mesh Wi-Fi?

Mesh networks are a new and growing technology. They've been around in some form since the late 1990s, but they're seeing a surge of interest (and investment dollars) due to extremely low costs and increased demand for high-bandwidth connectivity inside the home.

It's not hard to see why: A mesh network can be used by people who have a broadband connection for their home but an inadequate Wi-Fi network, people who live in a house that's large or otherwise somewhat difficult to wire for networking, and even by mobile professionals who want high-quality wireless access wherever they go.

Mesh networking uses several nodes (wireless routers) that all interconnect rather than using a single router to connect to both the Internet and your devices. Each node serves as both an access point and a wireless router, and it talks to the other nodes, creating a large mesh network that provides overall wireless coverage.

Nodes can be replaced or added at any time, and it's even possible (though not necessarily easy) to add another wireless access point to an existing node in order to extend the range of your network.

There are several different mesh networking protocols, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are proprietary, some are open-source. The two mesh standards you're most likely to see are Wi-Fi based, both of which use routers that have existing wireless capabilities as their base units.

However, don't let the fact that your router is built around a normal 802.11 wireless access point fool you: Mesh networks are a whole different animal from wireless routers. Mesh networks are designed to form a flexible network that can adapt to changing conditions.

Why whole home mesh Wi-Fi?

Upgrading to a home mesh wifi network is beneficial for homes that have at least three walls and multiple floors. This type of upgrade can also be helpful when there are more than one internet service provider in use in the same location, or if using wireless technology on a single floor has not produced satisfactory results.

Mesh routers are often used by consumers who have a lot of devices connected to the internet and want those devices to all display high speeds. Mesh wifi networks provide increased coverage so that there is no need to relocate devices such as smart TVs, video game systems and streaming players in order for them to remain online.


Mesh wifi networks are also beneficial for people who want to reduce the number of different wireless frequencies in use in their home. Many homes that have multiple routers covering one location end up using more than one frequency, which can lead to signal interference and device disruption. Mesh wifi offers a single source of signal that is good enough for all devices in the home so that users don't have to coordinate between multiple devices or service providers.

What is a whole home mesh Wi-Fi system?

A whole home mesh wifi system is a next-generation type of wireless internet service. It allows users to connect multiple devices to the Internet at once, and it can be used with computers and mobile devices alike. These systems distribute bandwidth to each user's device, allowing the user more reliable connections throughout their property.

Whole home mesh wifi systems vary in quality and features. Some systems only cover a single floor of the home, while others will move throughout the entire building.

Some companies that offer whole home mesh wifi systems include Google Wifi and Samsung SmartThings Wifi. These two particular brands are very similar but they also have some key differences. Both are simple to set up, so they are very user-friendly, but both have features that allow customers to track what devices are using the most bandwidth.

Whole home mesh wifi systems are designed to create fast, efficient internet coverage throughout the house. Instead of only having a few access points that broadcast out through all rooms, users can simply place these devices strategically around their homes for optimal connections.

One of the most beneficial features of these systems is that they allow all devices to connect to one another. This creates an interconnected network that allows everyone in the family, or every device on the network, to function more efficiently and easily at top speeds.

Whole home mesh wifi systems are designed for people who want their whole house connected. They offer fast speeds and optimal connections, allowing customers to enjoy the best internet access they have ever had.

Can I use Wi-Fi mesh with my existing router?

Yes, wifi mesh can be used with your existing router. Wifi mesh is often recommended for commercial applications, but it is not just restricted to the commercial market. It works best in large spaces that need many nodes (or access points) to connect all devices in that space to a single network. If you already have a router, installing wifi mesh nodes will allow those nodes to work with the existing devices and the existing router.

While using your existing router will work, often times you will lose some functionality of the access points. For example, if you are purchasing wifi mesh access points ( each each node is an access point), many of these wifi mesh access points will provide the option to change the radio frequency used to communicate. This allows for less interference from other devices on those frequencies. A single router will likely not have this feature without spending more money on a wireless router that can provide this functionality.

Who are the best whole home mesh Wi-Fi providers?

Mesh wifi systems are an excellent solution for improving your wireless network. These networks remove dead zones and provide fast speeds throughout the home. If you're looking to install a mesh wifi system, there are several things that you'll want to consider before making a purchase. You'll need to think about how many connections you have in your home. The more devices that you need to connect, the more nodes your mesh wifi system should have. You'll also want to consider the cost of the equipment and how easy it is to install. Below are five great providers that provide mesh wifi systems for any homeowner.

Google Wifi is an excellent choice if you're looking to cut the cord on your internet service provider, because it can be used with Google's Project Fi service. For $20/month, you'll get unlimited data when connected to open wi-fi hotspots and for $10/GB, you can use your data in over 135 countries. The only downside to Google Wifi is that it doesn't come with a modem and you'll need to provide your own for this mesh wifi system to work.

Google WiFi comes with 1 router and costs $247 or you can opt for a 3-pack for $299. Like Google Wifi, Eero's mesh wifi system can be used with third party hardware. This mesh wifi system comes with 1 ethernet port and supports speeds up to 10 gigabits per second. If you have a big house or multi-story home, you'll want to purchase additional units for seamless coverage.

Eero's app is easy to use and allows you to prioritize devices or filter out certain guests. You can also see how much bandwidth each device is using in real time. Eero's mesh wifi system supports the following protocols: 802.11a/b/g/n at 2.4 GHz and 802.11 ac at 5 GHz frequencies. The only drawback of this mesh wifi system is that it doesn't support T-Mobile's Wi-Fi calling. Eero comes in 1 pack or 2 pack options starting at $199.

Ubiquiti Networks offers several different whole home mesh wifi systems. Their Amplifi HD kit comes with three nodes and supports speeds up to 450 megabits per second, making it one of the faster mesh wifi systems on the market. The three antennae are adjustable, which allows you to focus them towards your most used areas for stronger signals.

How to choose the best mesh router for you?

Choosing the best mesh router for your home wifi network is no easy task. There are so many options available in the marketplace, and each claim to have something different or better than their competitors.  How can you tell which one is right for you?

Well, that's what we're here to help with!  We at A & G Internet Services have studied all the top brands and come up with a list of our favorite choices. Our experts have tested each one in all different home set ups, from small apartment rooms to large 5 bedroom homes. Now we can tell you definitively which is the best mesh router for your home wifi network.

When choosing the best mesh router, look at the number of people on your network.  If you have more than 4 wireless devices in your home, you should opt for a system with more nodes.  For example, if you have an 8 person household with 2 walls between each side of the house, we recommend getting either a 3 or a 4 node mesh system.  This way your whole home will have a fast, reliable connection.

Another great feature to look for is MU-MIMO technology. What this does is allow you to connect multiple devices at once instead of just one at a time. This is especially useful if there are users on your network who like to watch movies or play games. When they try to use the internet, their device will only provide connectivity and not slow down other users on your home wifi network.


On a similar note, we recommend mesh systems that have beamforming technology as well. Beamforming allows you to identify where wireless devices are located and then send the appropriate amount of bandwidth to them. This leaves your other devices with more available wifi connection which prevents network congestion and buffering.


When choosing the best mesh router for home wifi, look at what you are trying to accomplish with it.  Do you just need a way to connect all your wireless devices without too much hassle? Do you want a system that can handle streaming Netflix or gaming online? All of these features and more determine the best mesh router for your home wifi network.

Does A & G Internet Services do whole home mesh WiFi installation?

Absolutely! We offer world class installation services in tiers by home footprint, ranging from small apartments to larger homes to office locations. While we can install and setup any system, we highly recommend Unifi, Eero and TP-Link as trusted partners. Our technicians will provide prompt and courteous support that will ensure you have the best mesh experience imaginable, upgrading to the top speed possible, while providing greater coverage and better performance throughout your home. Your smart home devices will be synced to the strong signal you expect from your new mesh wi fi system.

Tier 1

  • <1900 square feet

  • Onsite review required. Cost $150.

  • Includes three Eero Wi-Fi 6 or TP-link access points

  • Installation and 1 year of same-day onsite and phone support.

  • Includes installation of one backhaul Ethernet cable.

  • Up to 20 Wi-FI Devices

  • Up to 200Mbps

  • Same-day install

  • Optional 4G or 5G failover internet LTE backup

tier 2

  • <3200 square feet

  • Onsite review required. Cost $150.

  • Includes six Eero Wi-Fi 6 access point units.

  • Installation and 1 year of same-day onsite and phone support.

  • Includes installation of two backhaul Ethernet cables.

  • Up to 40 Wi-FI Devices

  • 2-day install

  • Up to 260Mbps

  • Optional 4G or 5G failover internet LTE backup

tier 3

  • <5500 square feet

  • Onsite review required. Cost $150.

  • Includes six Eero Wi-Fi 6 access point units.

  • Installation and 1 year of onsite support

  • Includes installation of six backhaul Ethernet cables.

  • Ideal for Gamers and Streamers and Work from home.

  • Up to 60 Wi-FI Devices.

  • 2-day install.

  • Up to 500Mbps.

  • Optional 4G or 5G failover internet LTE backup.

tier 4

  • 5500 sq. ft. to 20,000 sq. ft.

  • $9,000 - $35,000 TBD.

  • UBNT system with about 10 to 20 Access points.

  • Onsite review required. Cost $300.

  • Free UBNT Security Camera and Apple TV.

  • Up to 100 - 500 Wi-FI Devices.

  • Ideal for Gamers and Streamers and Work from home.

  • Up to 500Mbps to 760 Mbps.

  • Optional 4G or 5G failover internet LTE backup.


Small Home/1 Story Cali Classic

Small 2 Story Home

3-4 Story Large Home/Office


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