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A network hub, with several ethernet cables going into it.


Our Testimonials

Our clients love working with us because we are the solution. We don't just offer Internet consulting services, and our team has also found success in computer-related projects and helped countless clients solve their tech challenges through this area of expertise as well. Read on to learn what some other satisfied clients have said about how they could get quick results from start-to-finish with A & G Internet Services.

Amazing....but see story below.

This was initially very ironic. They are located in CA and I am in NC. 3,500 miles apart.

I needed network help asap. I had a new modem and equipment put in the house as a repair. This led to everything no longer being networked. When we realized this was not going to be a house call....I had suggested to end the consult. But Andrei said if I was willing to take the time to help him...we likely could do it remote and help.

He not only fixed the problem of multiple computers and TVs and printers not talking...but he streamlined my network to work more efficiently than before.

Thank you!!

I now have my own virtual IT guy.

I had never used a service like Thumbtack before and was very nervous to need a home visit tech during quarantine. Andrei was fantastic! He answered my request so quickly, made plans to come straight over, and was an absolute lifesaver. I had a social distanced computer situation set up outside - and Andrei was so respectful of Covid Safety concerns. He took his time, figured out what had happened (some crazy Catalina update issue) and kindly explained everything to me. He checked in with me after his service that night to follow up. When another related issue arose the next day (he warned me this could possibly happen) he spent 2 hours with me via screen share to fix the next issue - charging me extremely fairly. Andrei is my new go-to guy! I can't recommend him enough!

Whitney G.

Melissa D.

I have a computer expert for life. I can not say enough good things about Andrei. He explained my computer issues to me in a way I could understand. I called him with another issue and he talked me through it over the phone. I will hire him over and over. This is your guy.

They did great work and his honesty is commendable. Plus the care and job at hand was handled with professional and knowledge. I will send my friends to them and nobody else will touch my computer but A&G. Thank you 🙏🏻

Samara R.

Andres responded quickly to my task. He was able to meet me on the weekend. My computer had been freezing and shutting off randomly. He went through things step by step to diagnose the problem. When it turned out we needed to order some parts, he helped me order them at a discount. He also reached out to me afterwards to make sure things were working okay. Would definitely hire again.

Paul S.

Very pleasant business (computer) guy! Was not judgmental I didn’t understand half what he was saying or doing. He took the time and explained my issues! I happy and excited I’m getting my grand babies lost pics!!!

Mike M.

Michelle A.

Andrei wav extremely helpful in recovering my computer after a windows 10 update that corrupted the user profile. Knowledge level, experience and approach was key. His method kept me informed as to problem and the steps to accomplish the solution. I would recommend Andrei for Windows troubleshooting.

My Tech Andre Gorbis is very professional and polite. Did a great job repairing my connections from splitter to TV replacing transmitter and receiver. Troubleshooting my cameras for my exterior alarm system. Also, advised me on some other things for the future. He's terrific

Claude P.

Cheri M.

This was a great experience! Andrei got my new computer up and running quickly, was very nice to deal with, was prompt, courteous, pleasant, punctual and professional. He will now be my go to guy for all my computer problems.

From computers to WiFi systems, he knows it all. I consider myself to be pretty tech savvy but he completely blew me away with his 25 years of experience. Andrei took my computer, fixed it, saved all of my data and had it back to me in less than 24 hours. Diagnosed our WiFi issue in 20 minutes and had it fixed the next day. Extremely hard worker, and very respectful. Gives his real and honest technological suggestions. Couldn’t imagine hiring anyone else for the job now that I have had the pleasure of seeing Andrei work.

Marcia C.

Jared F.

The gentleman (Andrei) who provided us service was professional in every way. He also went out of his way to make sure his solution to our problems kept working. Andrei was fast thorough and very punctual and we will be requesting his particular set of skills should the need arise again. Absolutely great work, Andrei.

Very professional and knowledgeable. Quickly set up our home wifi/mesh network and integrated our smart home devices. Excellent communication and follow up.

Carl A.

Ben S.

We are a church that has been around for 100 years. Andrei came in, walked the campus. Accessed our situation, said it was very doable. Finished all the work before the deadline and has continued to check on how things are doing. Very respectful, always backs up his work, and always makes himself available if we have questions. Hands down, no better IT to have on hand.

Excellent experience. Super responsive. Assessed the problem and fixed it within 1 hour. Fully disassembled the components and reassembled in a new frame. Thank you!

Hollywood Lutheran Church

Ran W.

Workers knocked out the internet connection, my tenants were without connection - ATT quoting 1 week! Found A&G they came out within the hour, repaired and fixed. I work with many vendors and it’s rare to find someone so willing and so prompt. Can’t Thank enough.

Andrei did a great job installing a WiFi mesh system in a large house with separate buildings. We have had WiFi problems for a while and had difficulty solving the issue. Andrei was responsive, knowledgeable. He patiently answered all of our questions and offered a solution that was both economical and met our needs. He did a great job and I will continue to engage his services if/when the need arises. I would recommend him without reservation.

Brandon H.

Kenneth K.

Andrei is excellent. I have a pretty tricky problem and he looked through a number of things to figure it out. We’re still in the process of figuring it out but I feel confident he’ll be able to help me. Highly recommend.

Super easy to work with and super nice as well. Knows what he is doing and is very professional in how he conducts business. Absolutely super satisfied with the work he did for me.

Shameer D.

Andrew G.

A & G can handle all of your IT home needs. I had a number of tech issues from WiFi, PC, Sonos and TV set up issues and A&G fixed all of them in one appointment. No need to call anyone else.

Great guy, Great work ethic!! He really just got to it... I walked in not knowing what to expect and got help immediately. Laptop was wiped clean, hard drive was replaced to a ssd, in the matter of an hour !! Laptop now runs as if I bought yesterday(thought it’s from 2010). Definitely hit this guy up! You will not regret paying him a visit 🤷🏽

Mathew F.

Alexander G.

Andrei was so polite and kind from the very beginning. He gave me options and suggested actions to take before he came out to my house. Once I decided I did need him to come over, he assessed my place, called my internet provider, took down unnecessary cables I had inherited, and gave me a full explanation of my new home's set up. He was thorough, calm, and incredibly helpful. I wish everyone in customer service would be like Andrei because it is a pleasure to do business with small businesses.

Thank you, Andrei!

Wow. Wow. Wow. All I can say is thank you. Not only did he get our computer fixed fast he also took the time to answer questions about my sons gaming computer. He gave me options. He could have easily taken the job to upgrade the one I had but he instead directed me to purchase a new one. Rarely do you find honest people like this. In addition he told me to call anytime should I have questions. I wish I could give him 6 stars. A total pro. I so much appreciate this during these times. Thanks Andrei!

Alejandra P.

Joy H.

Outstanding - responsive and prompt - did great work and was very conscientious to follow up and make sure everything was working exactly as anticipated.

Was quite to respond and is a wealth of knowledge. After a quick evaluation of the network and some minor changes, had internet throughout the house. I highly recommend him.

Elisa M.

William H.

Andrei is very professional and knowledgeable. He fixed my laptop while I waited, being very understanding of how much we rely on our computers. I was thrilled when he got it to work and retrieved all of my data, which I thought was lost forever. I will definitely contact him again and tell all of my friends and family. Also, his communication is top notch. I recommend Andrei and I’m sure you will be as happy as I am.

Andrei is knowledgeable and quickly implemented a solution to address the internet problems that we were having. He recommended and installed a system that improved our connectivity and speed throughout the property (where my service provider was telling me the only solution was to get another line installed). He then set up the various devices dependent on the internet from TV's, to printers to cameras. He was a pleasure to work with and I would hire him again.

Lourdes V.

Darren M.

Andrei was prompt to respond and very professional, kind and knowledgeable both over the phone and in person. He fixed our internet connection and followed up to make sure we stayed connected, thank you!!

Andrei accurately diagnosed the issues I was having with my internet, including internet connection issues with my smart tv. He does quality work, is professional, and punctual. I highly recommend him to anyone with technology problems.

Amanda D.

Albert J.

I’m so happy I hired Andrei. He’s the best! Will definitely hire him again and again

Andrei came over on short notice and worked in my system. He did some trouble shooting and got things up and running. I'm very pleased with his work.

Dina E.

Bennie W.

Hey....for those of you looking for professional Tech help...CALL this guy (Andrei).... I absolutely could not have asked for better service...and results....🤗

Carefully analyzed our whole home internet mess and came up with a way to simplify the system. Increased coverage and speed very nicely.

Rink N.

Bill P.

Andre was a pro. I would call him again if another issue came up. Definitely would recommend him.

Excellent customer service! Andrei was on time, professional, and efficient. I would highly recommend.

William J.

Ara O.

Very transparent and professional, was able to set up the WiFi in our house.

Andrei was a pleasure to work with, he was able to fix my machine and get it running even better than before.

Jay S.

Jesse P.

Andrei is a true professional. He quickly identified and solved the problem my iMac was having. He'll go the extra mile to make sure everything is properly fixed or setup. I look forward to using his services again!

Andrei was very helpful, on time, and knowledgeable. He was sensitive to my needs and gave out-of-the-box solutions and suggestions. Even fix things that weren’t requested. I’ll definitely use him again.

Nick A.

Peter R.

Andrei is an exceptional professional! He literally saved us time and money on setting up our Wifi and avoiding the lengthy red-tape involved with the service provider. I really appreciate his kindness and professionalism. He will now be my go-to person for all of my connection needs. Thanks A&G!

Andrei did a great job. He was on time and he knew what he was doing. He was also open to explaining things along the way in terms that a lay person could understand. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get something resolved quickly with regards to tech support and computers.

Lila H.

Kylie K.

Knows his stuff and helped me with my work network issues. Will be using him in the future.

Andrei was the best thing I could have done for my computer system. I’m happy as a clam!! I would highly recommend him for any job.

Gintien H.

Charles S.

Andrei was super helpful and very on top of all his workflows. Went above and beyond to assist in making sure we were set up with internet and following up to make sure there is no issues. Very accommodating with time and willing to work around our schedule. Would highly recommend.

What a great experience. Showed up early on a Sunday! Job was to install a modem but when one laptop wouldn't connect, they troubleshoot and resolved by installing new drivers! I couldn't recommend more highly 5 stars

Andrew P.

Tim B.

Extremely professional and the results were outstanding. Wi-Fi coverage throughout our home is now fantastic. I highly recommend A&G Internet Services

outstanding person, good price, thorough!! impressed! were worried as so many computer people can take advantage of older people - Andrei is someone to trust! Sandy and Rex Johnston of Paramount

Glenn A.

Sandy O.

I asked him to come take a look at my computer to determine what was damaged. He looked around four about five seconds, confirmed my graphics card was the problem, got my computer working and did some stress testing.

Andrei did a very good job and left no stone unturned when it came to finding out if I got everything I needed from my recovery of old files when I had my black (not blue) screen of death.

Blake W.

Virginia J.

Once I posted my request for service, complete with discription of my laptop's concern (problem), Andrei from A & G called me within 30 minutes. After a quick verbal verification on my part, Adrei let me know he knew what my laptop needed and he let me know upfront what it would cost to repair. I shipped it out via UPS Thursday and it was back to me the following Tuesday! Bottom line being: " it was received at A & G Internet Services broken in need of a new Operating Sytem being installed and it arrived back to me complete with new Windows 10 ( complete with installation disc), accompanied by a flahdrive containing all info (files) recovered from the crashed XP Operatig System. Andrei said he could fix it and backed his words with a job well done at the price as quoted!"

Andre was FANTASTIC, very exact & knowledgeable. He proved me WRONG because I was SKEPTICAL of him fixing it. He fixed it in 1/2 hr and got my TAX Program working cause it had a conflict with Windows updates. 2 others tried but FAILED to fix it, including the Tax Software Co who tried for 3 I will tell them tomorrow how Andre fixed it in 1/2 remotely. He would have Even come out to my home IF he could not fix it remotely. DON'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE AS HE'S FANTASTIC AND WILL FIX YOUR PROBLEM.

Craig H.

Leonard W.

Had a great experience. Came over very quickly and solved the problem right away. Would definitely work with again.

Andrei got a difficult job done as quickly as reasonable and at a reasonable price. Great work

Ryan F.

Hank P.

All of above.

Perfect on all counts!

George E.

Adriel D.

Good experience. On time. Had a mask on, which is good. Looked at the problem and solved it. Nice guy. Helpful.

Amazing service! Highly recommended to everyone. Exceptional customer service and professionalism.

Dick R.

Ilan R.

Great guy! Got the job done in record time and was an extreme pleasure to have around. Thank you

Work was great!

Erick E.

Marc P.

I’m very happy with his implementation of our network.

He is very kind and listen to our voice first! Very awesome!

Richard K.

James K.



Lawrence P.

Lawrence P.


Perfect experience -- easy to contact, easy to talk to, on-time, and handled my problem with expertise, professionalism, and courtesy. Highly recommend for anyone needing home internet help!

Emanuel D.

David M.

A&G was awesome. I hired Adrei to create a PDF for me, for which he quoted me for 3 hours of his time. What I wanted was complex and very detailed much more than I realized. Andrei was so patient and professional. He created exactly what I wanted. He spent at minimum 7 hours on the project. When I offered to pay him more. Andrei would not accept more money. His response was I quoted you 3 hours and I honor my quote. I was so happy and surprised of the final project.

Andrei was able to pull data from my crashed hard drive at a price that was actually affordable for me. He went above and beyond what he had to do for me and he was very good at explaining what it was that went wrong. I highly recommend him!

Duncan R.

Danni C.

This is a tremendous company with a great guy running it!!! Over two decades I have encountered multiple PC emergencies; from fried hard drives (the dead apple symbols haunt me still), damaged mother boards, and those stealthy viruses that seemingly destroy all data. Hence; I have used arguably every brick and mortars store around and dozens of tech "gurus" with varying levels of satisfaction. A&G goes beyond expectations with convenience (Andrei will come to where you are if need be) and laudable depth of knowledge. If you are ever in need of a true GURU call A&G before even considering other options.

Andrei answered our call immediately and came out on a Saturday and on time! He is professional, curtious, calm and relieved our anxieties and our problems! We can call at any time and he can remotely handle our problems. It was a pleasurable experience dealing with Andrei. We highly recommend him without hesitation.

Gary R.

John L.

Andrei was one of the best people I have worked with in business. I am a small business owner and have seen many service providers come and go due to either not being qualified to do the work, or not showing genuine interest to solving our issues. Andrei is the complete opposite. He was very open to listening to the IT issues I was having at work. The issues were a bit complex (in my opinion--I'm not an IT person) and actually required two previous IT people and one AT&T service tech. None of these people could figure out what was going on. Andrei came to the rescue on a Saturday night at 7 pm just after another IT person I hired said he needed to do more research about my problem. Andrei was very professional, calm, and able to jump right in to get to the root of our IT issues. After working on our problem for about 3 hours, it is finally resolved, and I think it will be for good. Andrei provided concrete reasons why I was having issues in the first place, and also gave me some really good recommendations to prevent something like this from happening in the future. Additionally, he called in the morning and texted me in the afternoon to make sure our system was running smoothly. I would highly recommend his services to any personal or business client who wants to deal with a professional, proficient, and caring person! His services won't be the cheapest you will find, but sometimes it's worth to pay the money for a real expert.

Andrei was professional and very knowledgeable about the work I needed done. I wanted a Facebook page for my new business; he walked me step by step and offered me great advice. He also shared his knowledge on web design. I’m also working on my new web page. Our 3-hour appointment was extremely valuable for me and my new business I’m starting. I’m planning on working with him again in the future. Thank you Andrei.

Sharon A.

Kristie S.

Andrei was very helpful in quickly determining the problem when my laptop would not boot. He walked me through my options and resolved the issue that day. I will definitely consult with him on future issues.

Andrei was prompt and very helpful as well as very reasonably priced. He arranged for a new modem and higher speed from Time-Warner, recommended a new router, installed it all and connected our printers to the network.

Diana Z.

Susan F.

I had a hard drive failure message as I tried to log in to windows. I requested help on thumbtack and A&G was the first to respond. Andrei was able to have my data restored and a new drive installed within 24 hours. Thanks for the great fast job!

Amazing services! Definitely recommend him to anyone! Thanks again!

Zachary L.

Elizabeth M.

Thanks man! :)

Replaced my laptop keyboard and did an excellent job. Taught me a few tricks, too.

James B.

Ken B.

Very efficient, very responsive and very nice guy!

Andrei did a great job and was very flexible!

Marc B.

Daniel S.

Contacted me within minutes and showed up and resolved my issues quickly.

Really helpful and gave me options about changing my phone service.

Shahar G.

Aaliyah C.

Professional, responsive and honest.

Very responsive, solid work. Would work with again.

James M.

Joshua S.

Great and fast service will use again

Very fast, very friendly, and very professional. Thanks again, Andrei!

Jeroen S.

Aaron T.

So nice and knowledgable about what I needed. Very professional

World class service done by a super nice guy. I HIGHLY recommend!

Betsy W.

Jay A.

Great service and expertise, can't beat the price! Very Professional!

Andrei was quick and understanding and you can't beat his prices.

Boris B.

Jon P.

Nicest guy, prompt service and very fair priced. Awesome - Thank you!

Very satisfied. Will definitely work contact again and highly recommended

David L.

Yoram L.

Available within 24 hours, on time, and very knowledgable. Awesome job - thank you!!!

My savior! On a sunday night: managed to recover all my data, in no time. Super cool and friendly.

Danielle M.

Claude L.

Fixed my issue day of, great work!

Really knew what he was doing. Work completed quickly.

Alex K.

Christine W.

He was very kind and very professional.

Very competent. 5 star.

Janeen O.

Roy H.

Great service, on time, and very helpful

Andre is very professional and knowledgeable.

Renata I.

Robert H.

Great service, much appreciated.

Excellent Service

Clay Y.



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