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WiFi Calling Test

Updated: Aug 18

To ensure a seamless and uninterrupted experience for devices utilizing WiFi calling, preventing any disruptive transitions between WiFi and cellular service during an active call, you can effectively execute the following steps:

1. Connect to WiFi, Enable WiFi Calling, and Prepare for Testing:

  • Connect to WiFi: Make sure your device is connected to a stable and reliable WiFi network. Access your device's settings and choose the appropriate WiFi network. Enter the necessary credentials if prompted.

  • Enable WiFi Calling: Navigate to your device's settings menu and find the "WiFi Calling" option. Toggle the WiFi calling feature to the "On" position. Follow any additional prompts to set up WiFi calling, including providing your emergency address for accurate 911 service.

  • Enable WiFi Only: In your device's settings, ensure that only WiFi is enabled. Disable cellular data and any other network connections while keeping WiFi turned on.

2. Test WiFi Calling:

  • Initiate Test Call: With WiFi as the sole active connection, open your device's dialer or phone application. Dial a familiar number or a testing line to simulate a call. This will help you evaluate the performance of WiFi calling.

3. Quality Assessment and Connection Analysis:

  • Evaluate Call Quality: During the test call, pay close attention to call quality factors like voice clarity, delay, and any audio distortion. Assess the stability of the connection and monitor for any unexpected call drops.

  • Monitor WiFi Connection: While on the test call, keep an eye on your device's status bar or network indicators. Confirm that the device maintains its connection to the WiFi network without attempting to switch to cellular service.

4. Interference Minimization and Transition Verification:

  • Continue Airplane Mode: By maintaining Airplane Mode during the test call, you're minimizing potential interference from cellular networks. This controlled environment allows you to assess WiFi calling in isolation.

  • Observe for Transitions: Be vigilant for any signs indicating that the device is attempting to switch from WiFi to cellular service. Sudden network transitions could disrupt the call quality.

Following these combined steps, you can conduct a comprehensive evaluation of WiFi calling performance on your device. This process ensures optimal call quality over WiFi and confirms the device's consistent connection to WiFi throughout the call, without any interruptions caused by transitions to cellular service.

After installing a whole-home WiFi system, we perform this specific test, especially when the residence has a weak or non-existent cellular connection. The goal is to verify the efficiency of WiFi roaming and its ability to seamlessly switch between access points for uninterrupted connectivity.

2023 By Andrei Gorbis

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